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Nail Polish in Melbourne

With all the new nail products and techniques available today we tend to take nail polish for granted. Yet it is still our favourite go-to for pretty finger and toenails. More than just looking pretty, it's actually quite amazing.

The main ingredient is nitrocellulose which, exactly as the name suggests, is a mixture of plant fibre and explosives! Don't worry, it's perfectly safe - you'd have to add a whole lot of other ingredients to make it go bang.

Endless List of Colours

The nitrocellulose is dissolved in ethyl acetate so that it can be smoothly painted on. Then, as the ethyl acetate evaporates on your nails, the polish sets and hardens. It might also contain pearl essence to give that wonderful shimmery shine.

When you get a manicure with nail polish in Melbourne, the list of colours and finishes is endless. It is also a brilliant base for the most elaborate nail art. Best of all, it is very affordable.

Whilst nail polish doesn't offer the same durability as some other products, like Shellac, it's perfect when you want to make your nails look good for less. It also means you can change your nail colour regularly, instead of waiting for your gel or acrylic nails to grow out.

Efficient and Affordable

Removal is much easier when you use ordinary nail polish in Melbourne, and you can even do it yourself.

Nail polish certainly has changed over the years. Back in 1934, you could buy a bottle of Cutex nail polish for just 35 cents - but it was only available in three shades of red. Today, as well as hundreds of colours, there are also at least a dozen nail polish finishes, including shimmer, glitter, frost, matte, opalescent and translucent.

Those little bottles of colour really are amazing so next time you feel like a beauty boost, book into your local salon for a professional application of nail polish in Melbourne.