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Hair Treatments in Melbourne

If you're looking for hair treatments in Melbourne you're in luck, as this lovely city has a great selection of top salons. It may be tempting to grab a product from the supermarket and DIY but our advice is to book in for a professional hair treatment every month or so.

As good as some of these products are they are never going to compare to professional hair treatments. This is especially true if you're looking for hair repair or conditioning treatments. Nearly all of us experience hair damage, however careful we are. There are some factors we just can't control, like the climate and pollution.

Restoring Shine to Dull Hair

In saying that we can also be very naughty when it comes to over-using styling products and the hairdryer - or colouring our hair at home. Whatever the reason, it will have left you with dry dull-looking locks. A salon treatment can deeply moisturise the hair shaft to restore shine.

Have you tried a Keratin treatment yet? It's amazing. All those nasties we talked about above can leave your hair porous and that's what leads to dry frizzy hair. A Keratin treatment can fix that porosity and give frizz the flick. It takes a couple of hours or so if you have long hair but it's so worth it.

It's a Stress Buster

Remember, Keratin is not a straightening treatment. That is something quite different. There are a few different methods so be sure to tell your consultant exactly what you're after.

One of our favourite hair treatments in Melbourne is a scalp treatment. We're talking the works here, with a full Indian head massage included. The massage is so relaxing and is brilliant for getting rid of stress. However, it's also so beneficial for your hair. A scalp treatment boosts blood flow for healthy hair growth and distributes natural oils. You'll really notice the difference.

Choosing a Salon

Some hair treatments in Melbourne are a necessity. We're talking about lice treatment for children. It's not nice but it's so common. It's also so much easier to do in the salon.

So whatever you're looking for search Bookwell for the best hair treatments in Melbourne.