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Waxing and hair removal treatments in Melbourne

A thriving cosmopolitan centre, Melbourne is also home to some great beaches. St. Kilda, its most famous; Williamstown, which is a must for adventurous swimmers and the more sedate Elwood Beach, which is perfect for family outings, are just a few examples of the seaside venues at the heart of the city’s thriving beach culture.

This vibrant scene certainly means being swimsuit ready at all times, and a number of upscale venues have sprung up to ensure everyone enjoys the beach while looking fantastic in their bathing costumes whenever the need arises. Examples of treatments you can look forward to enjoying in the city’s numerous beauty salons include:

Sugaring which involves the use of a paste made from sugar, water and lemon juice to remove excess body hair. Completely natural, it is also an excellent means of reducing hair growth over time and also comes with the added benefits of exfoliation.

Waxing is another method which is extremely popular in the city, with several salons offering both hard and soft wax procedures - depending on the amount of hair you need removed - and ensuring you look awesome in your swimsuit when you hit the beach.

A large number of beauty clinics also provide laser removal services which will ensure all those pesky follicles in the wrong places stay away for good after the required number of treatments.

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