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Sugaring may remind you of the cakes served at the Hopetoun Tearoom, but we are here to talk about waxing’s more delicious cousin. This hair removal technique has been practiced for centuries in the Middle East, Northern Africa and Greece. It’s good enough you can eat it. A simple gel or paste is made out of sugar, water and lemons (occasionally honey, salt and essential oils). It feels like the beginnings of a dessert, except this mixture will be used to rip your body hair out by the roots.

The mixture is balled up, and then applied. It is pulled off the skin in the same direction as the hair growth, either with adhesive strips or alone. It works by wrapping around the strands and then pulling your hairs out of their follicles as it is rolled off the skin. It sounds painful, but sugaring enthusiasts swear that it hurt less than waxing.

The sugary substance sticks only to your hairs, not your skin. This means that it only takes away dead skin cells, so you’re basically exfoliating. It’s gentle enough that you can put it right over an area that was just sugared but missed some hairs.

And here is another thing you’ll love about it. The process of removing your hair in its natural direction prevents breakage. This means that sugaring leaves little to no ingrown hairs. I know, magic.

You’ll also be in and out of the salon quicker. Sugaring can remove larger amounts of hair at once. That leaves more time for wandering around the city, and drinking flat whites.

Before you first sugaring appointment, let your hair grow out between 1/8 inches and ¼ inches. This is about a week’s worth of growth. Now that you’re a converty, do not use any other hair removal techniques because this can slow the process and benefits of sugaring (which can include less regrowth).

While sugar may be bad for your insides, slathered across your body, it is gentle and effective option for hair removal. Make an appointment with one of our sugaring salons in Melbourne today.