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Women's Haircut in Melbourne

Your hair is one of the first things that people notice about you. Melbourne is a city that is confident and eclectic, just like you. From funky Fitzroy to trendy south Yarra, a good hair day can help you feel your best.

Here at Bookwell, we’ve selected the best hair salons in Melbourne to give you the chop and change you deserve. Read our guide to finding the perfect haircut, and put your best foot forward:

If you have an oval face:

Lucky you! You can get away with most haircuts. We say: go for a wavy lob. The waves add volume to your hair, and bring out your cheekbones. This can help give structure to your face instead of elongating it.

If you have a round face:

A short sharp pixie cut is the perfect style. It can create angles and definition, and offset the roundness of the face. If you don’t want to lop it all off, go for long layers that start blow the chin.

If you have a heart-shaped face:

A fringe can draw attention away from the sharper features of your face, and emphasise your eyes and amazing cheekbones. Go for a brow-grazing fringe with light wispy layers.

If you have a square face:

You want a hairstyle that will soften the angles of your face. Go for round, soft shapes like waves or curls. This will counteract the strong jaw line to create a softer look. A side swept fringe will pull it all together.

If your hair is fine:

Turn up with volume with texture. Go for longer layers or embrace your curls. Avoid too many layers around the ends because it can make your hair look thin and wispy.

If your hair is thick:

You are the envy of women everywhere. The only problem is that it may be difficult to maintain. Layers will give your hair lightness and movement. Start your layers at the jaw to prevent the heaviness of your hair from overpowering your face.

You’ve heard of a good hair day. With Bookwell, it’s all about a good hair month. Make an appointment with one of our salons in Melbourne today.