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Hair Colouring in Melbourne

Melbourne is the most eclectic city in Australia. From posh South Yarra to funky Fitzroy, there are so many different ways to express yourself. Let your hair colour do the talking. We want to highlight your highlights. Look through our hairdressers in Melbourne and get ready to look beautiful, beautiful.

Don’t worry if you can’t tell your sombré from your ombré, we’ve rounded up our favourite hair colouring techniques to get you started:


  • Dip your toe into the colouring pond with one of the most popular dip-dye methods. Here your root colour gradually fades into a lighter colour at the end (usually blond). This technique works best for brunettes but you can always ask your colourist to darken your roots for a more dramatic effect.


  • This is ombré’s more somber sister. She’s subtler with a slight graduation from roots to end. The colour is more seamlessly melted together. It weaves your root colour throughout the hair, blending a little higher up from a typical ombre so you have dimensional darkness weaves all the way through.


  • This basically translates to hair art. Your colourist will paint your hair colour onto your hair with freehand. Like ombré and sombré, this is another low-maintenance hair style because there is no clear regrowth. Go for a balayage is you’re after sun-kissed locks.


  • Your colourist will separate your hair into itsy-bitsy section and apply colour to each section. It’s time consuming but worth it. The result is a multi-dimensional natural-looking dye job (akin to the sun-bleached hair you had when you were little). It looks amazing on blondes.


  • Make a splash with splash lights. It gives you the illusion of glossy hair. It involves painting bleach onto a horizontal section of your hair then covering the hair above and below with a colour close to your natural shade. It gives you the illusion of a spotlight hitting your hair.

Whether you are walking around the Botanical Gardens or grabbing drinks on Brunswick Road, make your hair colour work for you in Melbourne. Book well today.