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Alternative Therapy in Melbourne

Alternative therapy is all about balance. And living in a crazy city like Melbourne, where treading the delicate line between work and life satisfaction is a never-ending battle, a little bit of balance might be just what you need.

An integrated, holistic approach to healing, alternative therapy is all about nurturing that connection between the body and the mind. Covering treatments like meditation, naturopathy, kinesiology and acupuncture, alternative therapy has a wide and diverse reach, offering something for everyone.

Alternative therapy, in all of its many shapes and forms, can provide a great range of benefits. It’s been known to reduce stress levels, boost your immune system, relieve symptoms associated with illness and injury, and help you to feel more positive and in control of your life.

Sounds good, right? But how do you decide what kind of alternative therapy is right for you? To help you better understand the scope of alternative therapy, here are some of the most common forms of alternative therapy, and what they involve:

  • Counseling - a form of therapy that offers you an objective perspective of your emotional issues, helping you to overcome them
  • Acupuncture - a key component of Chinese medicine, where fine needles are inserted into the body to relieve issues such as pain, headaches and migraines, arthritis and allergies
  • Ayurveda - a traditional Indian therapy which uses massage, yoga, acupuncture and herbal medicine to promote health and wellbeing

Maybe you’re not having any luck with traditional medicine, or perhaps you’re looking for a little somethin’ somethin’ to boost your existing treatment program; in any case, alternative therapy is definitely worth a crack.