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Shellac in Melbourne

It's a common misconception that Shellac in Melbourne refers to gel or acrylic nails. It's actually quite different. Shellac is a brand, not a technique.

Shellac is a cross between a nail polish and a gel. It requires a UV light to cure but goes on like a nail polish. It produces a super shiny finish but can't be used to extend your nails.

Revolutionary Product

Invented by US company CND - Creative Nail Design - Shellac revolutionised the manicure when it was introduced in 2010. Quick to apply, it offered both good looks and amazing durability. CND described its product as 'a modern solution to the nail polish inconveniences that frustrate women'.

Shellac is a blend of polymers and monomers that was five years in the making. Application is simple. First, your nails are manicured and prepared. Then it's a matter of applying the Shellac as you would a nail polish, curing each coat under a UV light.

No More Smudge

This is one of the biggest attractions of Shellac in Melbourne. How many of us have rushed in for a manicure in our lunch break only to smudge the wet polish on the way back to the office? With Shellac, your nails are dry and strong before you leave the salon.

Shellac leaves your nails looking gorgeous for around 14 days. Even then it's only your nails' natural growth that requires a salon visit.

Many people consider Shellac a healthier choice for their nails. It is quicker to remove than acrylic and little to no buffing is required. It's really only nail polish but better.

Over 100 Colours

Everybody has their favourite product. Some say gels produce a glossier finish, whilst others believe acrylic nails are stronger. Shellac in Melbourne keeps everyone happy. It looks amazing and avoids having to visit a nail salon weekly. It also stands up really well to everyday tasks, like washing up.

Best of all it comes in over 100 amazing colours! Try Shellac in Melbourne for yourself by booking an appointment on Bookwell.