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Body Scrub in Melbourne

When was the last time you exfoliated your body? Last summer? Last year? Never? Yet you wonder why your skin looks dull and dry. Seriously, you have to get with the body scrub if you want softer more radiant skin.

A scrub or body polish is one of the simplest things you can do to improve your appearance. It not only gets rid of dirt, sweat and dry skin but also promotes new cell growth for younger looking skin. It's an anti-ageing treatment you have to try.

Book a Body Scrub

You can give yourself a body exfoliation at home but it's just not the same. For starters, it's really hard to reach some areas. There's also a tendency to scrub too hard which can cause minute tears in the skin.

Booking a body scrub in Melbourne at a spa or salon is just relaxing. It's a bit like a massage really but you leave feeling super clean. Traditionally body scrubs are made from sea salt or sugar mixed with oil. However, some spas offer some really new concoctions that sound good enough to eat. Your body scrub might incorporate coffee, sea minerals, honey or coconut.

Smoother Younger Skin

The scrub will remove impurities and dead skin cells to help refresh and detox the skin. The action itself sends a message to your brain to grow fresh new skin cells and that's what gives your skin a smoother younger appearance. By also boosting blood flow the skin will appear healthier with a lovely rosy glow.

The experience is very soothing and will help reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, especially when combined with water. Ask your therapist if you can finish your treatment with a Vichy shower - it's the definition of bliss.

After reading this you're probably more than ready for your body scrub so search our directory for the best body scrub in Melbourne.