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Melbourne is a city with plenty to offer. Whether you’re spending the day at Abbotsford Convent or whiling away the nights on Brunswick Street, it’s hard to find a little time to yourself to rest and relax. Don’t worry: we at Bookwell have got you covered. The spa bath is one of our favourite ways to unwind. In the wise words of the endlessly quotable Sylvia Plath: ‘There must be quite a few things that a hot bath won’t cure, but I don’t know many of them.’

Destress There is nothing more relaxing than lying in warm water with your feet up and candles slowly burning. You are putting yourself in a place from physical tranquility. This can help you to banish stress by switching off your daily stressors.

It’s soothes sore muscles The warm spa is like an immersive body massage. The temperature of the water will soothe and soften your muscles while the water jets apply much-needed pressure to your tired and aching body. Whether you’re attending Crossfit classes or walking around the farmers markets (which is a workout in its own right), the spa bath can help to remove pain and exhaustion from your muscles.

It’s detoxing The spa bath will also help to open up your pores. This helps to release unwanted oil, dirt, dead skin cells as well as toxins from your body. If you’ve had a few too many sangrias at Naked for Satan (haven’t we all?), you can atone for last night’s sins while lying in the spa. Your skin will also be glowing.

It’s good for your heart The hidden benefit of the spa bath is that it’s good for your cardiovascular health. By immersing yourself in water, you put more pressure on your body. This makes your heart work harder, helping it to keep healthy. I know, you’re basically exercising and relaxing (I can’t think of a better oxymoron). The heat from the water also widens your blood vessels, allowing them to circulate more easily throughout your body.

What can we say? Work hard, play hard and spa hard. Book yourself in with one of our spas in Melbourne today.