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False Eyelashes in Melbourne

When it comes to eyelashes the myths and legends make very interesting reading; some of the tales are certainly not for the faint-hearted. From inserting human hair into your eyelid using a needle to sticking on pieces of animal fur, false eyelashes have had an interesting past.

As with most things, there have always been the so-called experts who come up with wild and wacky ideas on how to improve your looks. One of the funniest is James D McCabe's theory on how to lengthen your natural lashes in 1879. In his book 'The National Encyclopaedia of Business and Social Forms,' he said you had to cut the ends off your lashes with scissors to make them grow longer. Go figure.

Add Some Glam

There's a bit of competition over who actually invented the first false eyelashes but the good news is that someone did. Whilst those early offerings were enough to make your eyes water, literally, the best false eyelashes in Melbourne today are brilliant.

For many of us, our natural eyelashes are enough for daily wear. When we go out, however, we love to add a bit more glam and false eyelashes are the way to go. It's a much cheaper option than eyelash extensions and perfect if you only want a temporary fix.

Perfect for your Wedding Day

Having said that it's still highly recommended your false eyelashes in Melbourne are applied by a professional. There is certainly a knack to getting them right, and you want to be sure the glue you use is safe. Here at Bookwell we definitely wouldn't buy those cheapie falsies you see in some retail stores.

If you have a special occasion or perhaps your wedding day coming up, why not book professional hair and makeup and include a glamorous set of false eyelashes. We can guarantee you'll look totally amazing.

Find the best false eyelashes in Melbourne right here on Bookwell.