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Electrolysis in Melbourne

Many people still believe electrolysis to be the most effective method of permanent hair removal. This popular method works by destroying the hair's growth cells, so the hair is gone for good.

Electrolysis in Melbourne is very accessible and affordable. This technique is strictly regulated, so you can rest assured that you are in good hands. It is particularly good for those who are not suitable candidates for laser hair removal.

Cost vs Permanence

For those who think electrolysis is expensive, consider this. Whilst it may take several sessions to complete your treatment, this does offer permanent hair removal. Other methods, such as waxing, are cheaper, but they are not permanent solutions, so continual treatment is required.

Electrolysis is also considered safer, as it uses no hot wax and no chemicals. A very fine needle is inserted into the hair follicle, to deliver a mild electrical current that destroys the growth cells. Depending on your pain threshold, the sensation can vary from slight discomfort to pain. Most people describe it as a mild burning or tingling. A numbing cream can be used if required.

You will need to visit the electrolysis clinic in advance, to assess how many sessions will be required. You will also be asked not to wax, tweeze or use any hair removal devices for two to four weeks before treatment. On the day, it is important that the area to be treated has no makeup, creams or lotions applied.

Electrolysis in Melbourne

Apparently not drinking coffee before your treatment helps reduce pain, but that seems like a lot to ask!

Electrolysis in Melbourne is a tried and tested technique for hair removal and everything possible is done to make it as stress-free and pain-free as possible. Whilst you may feel nervous before your first session, you will get used to the sensation over time.

When you consider how good the results are, it has to be worth a little discomfort. Find your local electrolysis professional here on Bookwell.