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Eyebrow Threading in Melbourne

Get your brows into shape with one of our eyebrow threading technicians in Melbourne. In this vibrant city, we’re always on the go. You should make your brows work for you whether you’re having drinks in St. Kilda or walking about the Botanic Gardens. Look through our eyebrow threading services for talented and professional eyebrow technicians in Melbourne.

What is eyebrow threading? This technique has been used in India and the Middle East for thousands of years. It is a popular alternative to waxing. Your technician will use two entwined pieces of cotton thread to wrap around your unwanted hairs, and remove them in a swift and clean movement.

Why we love threading. It does not use any chemicals. This is perfect for those with sensitive skin. No chemicals means that there is no allergic reactions to any ingredients.

  • It is less painful. The skin around your eyebrows is extremely sensitive. The cotton thread does not touch your skin just the hairs.

  • It is accurate. Threading can target individual hairs so you can count on it to be accurate. One clean line of hair is removed at a time – talk about precise. It is easier to achieve the shape you’re after with threading.

  • It saves time. The threading technician weaves the thread through all the hair that needs to be removed. For eyebrow threading, appointments generally take between 5 – 15 minutes.

  • It’s suitable for all skin types. If you are using Vitamin A creams or certain acne medications, your skin will be more prone to breakage. That is why eyebrow threading is the safest option because it does not touch the skin.

  • It lasts for ages. You can wait 2-5 weeks in between appointments. Over time, it can also make your regrowth less dense.

Get ready to wow with your brows. Make an appointment with one of our threading technicians in Melbourne today.