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Waxing and Hair Removal in the Gold Coast

If there is one place that deserves a reputation as paradise on earth, it is the Gold Coast. After all there aren’t too many places that cater to every aspect of outdoor fun, and do so to perfection like this city of sun, sand and surf.

And as you pack your bags to jet off with your family and friends to experience its countless delights, you will most likely be planning on how to remain hair free during your stay in order to get the most out of those swimsuits and shorts.

And you can be certain you will well be taken care of. One of Australia’s most popular tourist destinations, the Gold Coast is home to a plethora of trendy, chic beauty clinics which will cater to your every need with natural, organic or conventional methods as well as cosmetic procedures.

Treatments you can anticipate in preparation for looking fabulous in all that sunshine include:

Waxing: Highly effective in getting rid of unwanted hair, waxing however involves some degree of discomfort. To soothe the lingering post treatment sting, apply alcohol free creams containing aloe vera to the treated area. Super Fast Hair Removal: Also referred to as SFHR, this procedure is a cutting edge technique which combines both laser and IPL. It is an excellent alternative to waxing for anyone who wishes to take the pain free route to satin smooth skin.

Intense Pulsed Light hair removal: Popularly referred to as IPL, this procedure is perfectly suited to a wide range of hair and skin types and is now one of the most popular methods beauty professionals employ for getting rid of all that hair that has a nifty habit of showing up in all the wrong places.

So there is it, a sample of the wonderful treatments that will leave your skin looking fantastic for your adventure. And you don’t have to sift through thousands of web pages to find them either, since you can find exactly what you need on our website which has been created with just you in mind.