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Waxing in Gold Coast

When you live on the Gold Coast, with its wonderful year-round climate, excess body hair is a real no-no. Spending most of your time in dresses and swimwear, you really need smooth hair-free skin.

Thankfully it's easy to find waxing on the Gold Coast, with heaps of salons offering this convenient service. It's so much better than shaving or using those smelly depilatory creams.

Waxing for Face and Body

Waxing is suitable for your face and body, and is now popular with women and men. It was once only the ladies who sought out this beauty treatment. But once the boys discovered the art of manscaping, there was no stopping them.

Some Gold Coast salons cater only to women, if that's what you would prefer.

The most common form of waxing is soft wax. Once heated, the wax is smoothed on with a roller or spatula in the direction of hair growth. A fabric strip is pressed down onto the wax on a few seconds, and then ripped off in the opposite direction, to pull the hairs out by the root.

Professional Hair Removal

Hard wax is generally used for more sensitive areas and doesn't require the use of strips. It is still warmed and applied in the same way, but hardens and can be pulled off by hand.

Many people have tried waxing at home and there are kits and strips that you can buy. It has to be said, however, that these are not only messy but also very ineffectual at properly removing hair. It is far better to get the job done quickly and relatively painlessly by a professional.

Waxing After Care

Most people experience some redness and irritation after waxing but this should disappear quite quickly. Your therapist will usually apply a medicated cream after waxing, which will help minimise the after effects. It's best to avoid sun exposure for 24 hours afterwards.

Whether you live on the Gold Coast or you're visiting, use Bookwell to find waxing services near you and easily book your next appointment.