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Hair Treatments in Gold Coast

If you're lucky enough to live on the fabulous Gold Coast in Queensland, the chances are that you spend a lot of time at the beach. The downside to that, however, is the damage it can do to your hair.

Sun, saltwater and wind can take their toll leaving hair dry, brittle and dull. There are a few steps you can take before you hit the beach to reduce the impact. These include applying a protective SPF hair cream to your scalp and spraying leave-in conditioner onto your hair. Be sure to rinse your hair well in fresh water after swimming or surfing.

Restoring Damaged Hair

Whilst these steps will help reduce the damage they won't stop it. If your hair is coloured or bleached, you can expect some serious consequences. Don't panic, there is a solution - and that's your local professional hair salon.

Whatever your lifestyle you really should be booking in for hair treatments. Some of the products available off the shelf in pharmacies and supermarkets may be okay, but they won't achieve the same results as a salon treatment.

Keratin Treatment

The best hair salons offer hair treatments in Gold Coast for all kinds of problems, including frizzy beach hair, colour-damaged hair, itchy scalp and more. In fact, it's even the best place to go for lice treatment for children.

You will need a consultation first to decide the best course of treatment. For example, if your hair is porous and frizzy you can't beat a professional Keratin treatment. It takes a few hours to do it properly but it's so worth it. You won't believe the transformation.

Hair Straightening

If, however, your hair is really curly and you want a change, you could choose a hair straightening treatment. Yes, that is different to a Keratin treatment. Hair straightening is definitely not something you want to do at home as you could easily cause more damage.

The ultimate salon service has to be a scalp treatment - especially if it includes an Indian head massage. There is nothing quite so relaxing. Find your ideal hair treatments in Gold Coast on Bookwell.