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Eyelash Lift in Gold Coast

Psst, want to know a secret? Five words: eyelash lift in Gold Coast! If you're taking a break from eyelash extensions, or you're just not into falsies, an eyelash lift would be perfect for you.

You only have to Google 'eyelash lift' to read some great reviews. It's so in, it's ridiculous. Sometimes referred to as a Keratin lash lift it's like using an eyelash curler but a zillion times better.

Look, we know eyelash extensions look amazing but sometimes you just need a change. An eyelash lift in Gold Coast is cheaper and the results last two to three months depending on your hair growth rate. You see the effect only wears off as the lifted lashes naturally fall out and new lashes grow in their place.

Longer Looking Lashes

An eyelash lift will give you longer-looking lashes and is available in most good beauty salons. You'll find them listed on Bookwell. No artificial lashes are added; the treatment uses your own but makes them appear fuller.

If you're wondering what the difference is between a lash lift and a lash perm, it's really just a newer version. However, rather than using perming rods it uses silicone pads to lift your lashes from the root.

Simple and Painless

It's an easy painless procedure - some clients actually fall asleep. It works like this: the pads are put in place by your beauty consultant and the special solution is carefully applied. After a while, the pads are removed and hey presto, scrumptious eyelashes. It's that simple. We recommend finishing your treatment with an eyelash tint.

There are a few dos and don'ts immediately following treatment, like keeping your lashes dry for 24 hours, but nothing too taxing.

Perfect for the Beach

When done by a professional an eyelash lift in Gold Coast won't damage your natural lashes and is suitable for most people. If you have problems with your eyes, however, just check with your medical practitioner before treatment.

This treatment is perfect for the Gold Coast beach lifestyle as you'll always look fabulous, in and out of the water.