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Body Scrub in Gold Coast

How many of you regularly exfoliate your face but have had never enjoyed a body scrub? Don't worry, that's often the case. However, it's never too late to start your journey towards healthier happier skin.

Your skin is your biggest organ and it serves so many important purposes. Yet we often forget all about it until the summer arrives and the beach beckons. The point is a little regular TLC would keep your skin looking and feeling amazing all year round.

Soothes Body and Mind

A body scrub - often referred to as a body polish or body exfoliation - is a lot more relaxing than it sounds. It's actually very soothing for body and mind and offers many benefits.

At its most basic a body scrub sloughs off dead skin cells for smoother more radiant skin. It also unclogs the pores to help keep the skin healthy. It's something you should do regularly all year round. In winter it will help smooth and renew the skin ready for summer, and in summer it will keep the pores clear of sweat, dirt and sunscreen.

Spa Treatments

A body scrub consists of an abrasive ingredient, carrier oil or lotion and usually essential oils. The abrasive material could be sea salt, sugar, even coffee. It should be quite fine or you risk damaging the skin.

You can buy body exfoliation products in the shops but nothing beats getting it done at a salon or spa. Generally speaking, this will give you far better results, too, as well as a serious dose of pampering.

Boost Your Health

A body scrub will not only improve your skin but also your general wellbeing, as it boosts circulation and lymphatic drainage. It's really a form of detox. An added benefit is that your everyday moisturiser will be more easily absorbed after a body scrub, so you'll use less.

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