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Nail Polish in Gold Coast

Nail polish has to be one of the most accessible beauty treatments ever. It's affordable, it's everywhere and barely a day goes by without a new variation being introduced.

The latest innovation in this multi-million-dollar industry is breathable nail polish. This is actually quite a breakthrough. Many people worry about using nail polish on a regular basis because it doesn't let your nails breathe. This new formulation has been developed to allow air and water to reach the natural nail underneath.

It's a Keeper

This is not only a healthier choice but one that has found an instant market in the Muslim community. Finally, there is a polish Muslim women can wear without it interfering with wudhu.

From the earliest nail polish invented in China in 3000 BC to the wealth of colours and textures available today, nail polish is a keeper. Despite the many new techniques and treatments, including Shellac and SNS, nail polish in Gold Coast continues to be popular.

In Ancient China only the rich and noble were allowed to wear nail polish. Rumour has it that if 'common people' were found wearing it they would be executed. Sounds a little extreme to us.

Vegan Nail Polish

From China, the use of nail polish spread through India, northern Africa and the Middle East, before becoming popular in Europe at the turn of the 19th century. Australian companies have played a significant role in introducing cruelty-free and even vegan nail polish - a far cry from the automotive paint-based products of the 1930s.

You'll have no problem finding nail polish on the Gold Coast. Every nail salon offers the service, usually as part of your basic manicure or pedicure. If you're heading out to a party or special occasion, ask for some glitz and glamour with metallics or glitter. Painted nails can also be adorned with stick-on nail art, including sparkling jewels and diamonties.