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Hair Extensions on the Gold Coast

Have you always dreamed about having luscious long hair? Well, now you can - and you don't even have to bother growing it.

That's the miracle of hair extensions - a brilliant hairstyling technique that allows you to add length, volume and even colour.

Natural or Synthetic

The great thing about hair extensions on the Gold Coast is that there's a solution for every budget. Whilst natural human hair extensions are considered the best, they are also the most expensive.

So if your budget doesn't run to the real thing, just ask about synthetic hair extensions. And believe us when we say, the quality of synthetic hair these days is really good.

Finding What's Right For You

Hair extensions on the Gold Coast come in different lengths, weights and colours, and there are several ways to attach them.

The cheapest and easiest to use are probably clip-in hair extensions. However, they must be redone on a daily basis as the clips tend to slip out.

Salons will generally use special tape to attach your extensions, and it's really very effective. When applied professionally, taped hair extensions can be washed, blow-dried and even styled.

Semi Permanent Techniques

Sew in or braided extensions are great for thick or curly hair, while glue can be used for short-term hair extensions.

An increasingly popular method, however, is the hot or cold fusion keratin bond. This is probably the most durable technique, as it can last up to six months, if the hair is well cared for.

Book Now for Great Advice

Just remember, this isn't the method to choose if you're in a rush. It's an intricate operation and can take several hours to complete.

Here at BookWell, we've tried them all. And we love them. The best advice is to make an appointment and ask the stylist what he or she thinks is best for your hair type, lifestyle and, of course, budget.