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Eyelash Tinting in Gold Coast

If you're a blonde or a redhead the chances are you regularly book in for eyelash tinting on the Gold Coast. This safe, affordable beauty treatment is suitable for all hair colours but is particularly brilliant if you have light-coloured lashes.

There's nothing new about eyelash tinting - it's been around for centuries in one form or another. Women and some men would use all sorts of weird concoctions to colour their lashes and brows in the pursuit of beauty.

Avoid Runny Mascara

Long lashes have always been considered very alluring and eyelash tinting on the Gold Coast is a great way of achieving that look. It's also brilliant if you enjoy a coastal lifestyle and want to avoid constant mascara runs.

Imagine how good it would be to just jump out of bed in the morning with beautiful long dark lashes? You can apply mascara if you wish - perhaps just a clear one to add gloss.

Fast and Affordable

Eyelash tints are actually permanent dyes so they don't wash out. However, like all the hairs on our body, eyelashes constantly fall out and renew themselves. This means your eyelash tint will last around four to six weeks before requiring another appointment.

The best eyelash tinting on the Gold Coast is fast and very affordable. Be sure to visit a qualified beauty therapist as problems can arise if the application is not done properly. The tint can sting like crazy if you get it in your eyes.

Avoid Waterproof Makeup

If you want your eyelash tint to last longer, choose a darker shade and then leave your lashes alone. Avoid using waterproof makeup on your eyes as the chemicals and rubbing required to remove it will damage your tint.

Once you try eyelash tinting the chances are you will be hooked. It really does make your lashes look luscious and it's just so easy.