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Facials in the Gold Coast

Few cities come with key attractions that describe them so aptly. But the Gold Coast’s Surfer’s Paradise Beach, immediately conjures up images of pristine beaches and sunshine letting you know that that you are in for loads of snorkelling, surfing and swimming in one of Australia’s most beautiful sunlit cities.

However all that saltwater, sun and wind can take a toll on your skin and there is no better way to ensure you glow in those holiday photos than treating yourself to a calming, relaxing facial.

A few treatments you can look forward to enjoying during your stay here include:

Oxygen Facials: Increasingly popular, they are the ideal procedure to treat your face to after loads of outdoors fun. Expect to have your face cleansed and exfoliated before being infused with serum enriched oxygen based on your skin type to restore essential nutrients, oils and proteins to it. The beauty therapist will also follow that up with a moisturiser for added protection. If you find the very thought of microdermabrasion‘s mild discomfort unsettling, you may prefer to opt for them since they are entirely pain free.

Caviar Facials: We all know just how delectable caviar is meant to be, but apparently, our skin knows it too and loves it just as much as our taste buds do. No surprise there since these tiny black pearls are literally bursting with vitamins, proteins and anti-oxidants which all work wonders on it. Expect to feel and look wonderful right afterwards with immediate results. And you need not worry about any lingering fishy smells – there are none at all – and the entire process of getting one of these is rather surprisingly and delightfully fragrant.

The Gold Coast is full of amazing spas which offer so much more in addition to the facials mentioned above. Feel free to check out our website which will not only provide you with additional information, but also enable you to schedule and book and appointment with the salon of your choice.