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Skin Needling in Gold Coast

Tired of spending a fortune on wrinkle cream and collagen boosters? Then you're going to love the idea of Skin Needling in Gold Coast. A quick search here on Bookwell could soon have you well on the way to younger looking skin.

Related to acupuncture - and sometimes called micro needling - skin needling has its origins in Ancient China. It's not known if its use back then was purely medicinal or whether it was also used as a beauty treatment.

Treats Scarring, Stretch Marks and Pigmentation

It probably wasn't until the 1900s that skin needling became popular for treating lines and wrinkles. It is also brilliant for treating acne scarring, pigmentation problems, stretch marks and more. An amazing amount of research has gone into this treatment through the application is quite simple. It involves the use of a small roller made of tiny surgical needles.

When you experience the best skin needling on the Gold Coast, your beauty consultant will roll the device across your skin to create tiny openings. The skin then tells your brain that it needs to begin skin regeneration and produce more natural collagen.

As the dead skin cells fall off and the collagen gets to work your skin will be firmer, clearer and more youthful looking.

Worth the Discomfort

What about pain? The experts say that the needles are so fine and the rolling movement so fast that you feel very little. It's more of a prickly brushing sensation. However, treatment has brought some clients to tears.

The average client describes skin needling as no more invasive than acid peels, Botox, fillers and tattoos. Besides, you'll be offered a topical anaesthetic cream if you need it.

When you look at before and after pictures for skin needling treatments, you'll probably decide a little discomfort is well worth it. If that's the case find the best skin needling in Brisbane here on Bookwell and book your appointment now.