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Makeup on the Gold Coast

If you're lucky enough to live on Queensland's glorious Gold Coast, you could well be looking for some help when it comes to makeup. It's confusing enough, with all the products and colours available these days, but living in a hot, humid climate can also be challenging.

We've all been there. You take a nice refreshing shower, style your hair, pull on your party frock, and do an expert job on your makeup. Then you step outside into the heat! It's disappointing to say the least.

Makeup And Climate

Luckily, some of Australia's best skincare and makeup salons are right here on the Gold Coast. They are not experts in the industry but, as locals, totally understand the challenges of living in this climate.

They can recommend all the right products to use, and teach you how to properly apply your makeup for the best effect. Most also offer professional makeup, for weddings, functions, and other special occasions.

Dealing With Problem Skin

There are some amazing products on the market, but always be sure to check that they are suitable for your skin, and your complexion. This is particularly important if you suffer skin problems, such as acne. You could make the problem a whole lot worse by using the wrong product.

And an important part of applying makeup, is knowing how to remove it properly, too. However tired you are, always take it off before bedtime, to avoid clogging up your pores and irritating your skin.

Book A Makeup Consultation

Makeup has come a long way since its beginnings many thousands of years ago. Those early products contained lead, arsenic and all sorts of other nasty, toxic ingredients. We have many more choices now, including natural, cruelty-free makeup products.

The best advice is to book a consultation right now, through Bookwell, for a skincare and makeup consultation. Discuss any concerns or confusion with the therapist, and discover the right products - and the best look - for you.