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The thing we love the most about the Gold Coast is the endless activity choices. You’re never bored. In between the adventuring, it’s important to take a little downtime for yourself. The spa bath is the best way to do that. Let’s paint the scene. You’re gently lowering yourself down in a deliciously warm water while water jets firmly and gently massage your tired muscles. All around you, candles are burning slowly. Still not convinced?

Here are some of the reasons why you should book yourself in for a spa bath in the Gold Coast today:

It’s good for your heart. - Did you know that immersing yourself in water has many cardiovascular benefits? You’re basically working out while relaxing. The water puts pressure on your body just like a cardiac workout. This makes your heart have to work harder, keeping it healthier.

It helps with aches and pains. - The jets in the spa are your aching body’s best friend. The bubbles make you feel buoyant and weightless. Lift your feet up and use the water jets to massage your aching muscles. In addition, the hot water improves your blood circulation allow extra blood flow to heal your body faster.

It lowers your blood pressure. - The hot, moving water can help to improve your circulation while increasing your heart rate. This helps to lower your blood pressure. If you are at risk for heart disease or suffer from hypertension, start soaking.

It helps you to detox. - The spa bath opens up your pores. This can help you to release any unwanted toxins from your body. You’ll feel refreshed with clearer skin. Win meet win.

It’s better than panadol. - For reducing headaches, that is. The spa bath will dilate your blood vessels (which is responsible for improving circulation). This decreases the pressure in your head, while the feeling of general relaxation and warmth continues to soothe you.

Make yourself feel spa-cial and treat yourself to a spa bath in the Gold Coast today.