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Foot Spa in Gold Coast

Do you get a regular manicure but forget all about your feet? Don't worry, you're not alone. Our poor old tootsies do tend to get ignored. However, getting a regular Foot Spa in Gold Coast offers more benefits than you may think.

Obviously booking a foot spa is good for your feet, but it can also boost your general health and wellbeing. It's not for nothing that the Chinese refer to feet as the 'second heart'. In Eastern medicine treating the feet ensures that both blood and energy - or qi - flow freely. Only then can the major organs be in good health.

Scientific Proof

There is a basis for this in science, too. Your feet are the furthest point from your heart. The veins and arteries in your feet are responsible for pumping your blood back up to your heart. When we squeeze our feet into tight or pointed shoes we are effectively slowing down blood flow.

Blood flow plays a crucial role in carrying oxygen and nutrients to our organs and taking away carbon dioxide. Restrict it and there will be an effect on your major organs and general health.

All the elements of a professional foot spa in Gold Coast are good for our health. First, there's the warm water. Soaking your feet improves circulation and draws out toxins. It's also a great way to relax and de-stress.

Boost Circulation

Scrubbing and massaging the foot continues to boost your circulation, whilst also relaxing your leg muscles and calming your mind. A good foot spa should include reflexology, too. Different areas of the feet pertain to major organs. Applying pressure to these points will free up energy flow and improve how those organs work.

Foot spas are available at many spas and salons on the Gold Coast and are well worth incorporating into your beauty/health regime. You can use the Bookwell directory to find the best foot spa in your area.