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Sport Massage on the Gold Coast

No matter your level of sporting expertise, if you’re participating in frequent physical activity, regular sport massage treatments can be an invaluable addition to your exercise and training program.

With a perpetually warm climate, where getting out and about, and staying healthy, fit and active comes second nature to most people, The Gold Coast is home to some of the country’s top sport massage therapists.

But if all this talk of sport has got you’re thinking, “I’m not an elite athlete, and I’m not injured, so what’s the point?” Then think again - you don’t need to be an Olympic champion, or even have a sprained ankle to get great results. Treatment can be carried out before, during or after physical activity, and regular sessions can help to prevent injuries, promote flexibility, improve stamina, and prepare your body and mind for peak performance.

Of course, sport massage has been proven to assist in relieving pain, treating injuries, reducing muscle tension, swelling and improving your heart rate, blood pressure and circulation.

But there are also proven psychological effects. Sometimes, just knowing you’re doing something good for your body is enough to relieve anxiety or stress. But if you want to get technical, various studies show that sport massage encourages the release of endorphins, which helps to promote feelings of positivity and wellbeing.

So what can you expect? Well, your sport massage therapist will begin by applying light pressure to warm up the muscles. They will then move on to more specific, targeted techniques, such as long, gliding strokes, kneading, cupping and friction. Don’t worry - they’ll be sure to work slowly, within your pain threshold.

Sport massage is a great all-rounder therapy option, with plenty of benefits. And with regular sessions, you’ll notice improved performance in both body and mind. If this sounds like the treatment for you, then get clicking - Bookwell is here to help you tap into the endless benefits of sport massage on the Gold Coast.