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Top Electrolysis picks in Gold Coast

  1. Capri Beauty SalonCapri Beauty Salon
    69 Bamboo Avenue, Benowa 4217
  2. Mark of Beauty Skin ClinicMark of Beauty Skin Clinic
    55 Thomas Drive, Surfers Paradise 4217

Electrolysis in Gold Coast

Are you looking for safe permanent hair removal? It may be time to consider electrolysis. There may be needles involved, but it's less painful than waxing.

In one form or another, electrolysis has been around since the 1870s. Yet it has the best track record of any hair removal technique. It works by stopping hairs from regrowing.

Grow, Shed, Grow

Our bodies continually renew themselves at a cellular level. Our hairs do the same. It's a constant cycle of growth, shedding and regrowth. So while methods such as waxing provide instant results, they don't last. The hair will grow back.

Electrolysis offers a permanent solution, but may require several sessions to achieve results. Don't be thinking you'll be leaving the clinic hair-free after the first appointment. Whilst the follicle has been stopped from generating a new hair, it may take a few weeks for the existing hair to fall out.

Mild After Effects

Electrolysis works by applying electrical current to the hair growth cells, through a tiny needle inserted into the hair follicle. As you can imagine, it's quite a time-consuming process.

As with many beauty treatments, it's a case of no pain, no gain. You are quite likely to suffer some mild after-effects from your electrolysis, such as redness and tenderness. Ice is applied immediately after treatment, which makes a huge difference.

Give Shaving the Flick

It's important to remember that all hair removal methods have a few unpleasant side-effects. The chemicals used in depilatory creams are unlikely to be good for you, and we all know what waxing feels like.

What's more, shaving and tweezing can actually make matters worse. When you shave, you're also taking off layers of skin. Worse still, the hairs tend to grow back courser and thicker. Tweezers may simply break the hair, causing problems later.

Electrolysis on the Gold Coast is readily available and very affordable. Search for your nearest professional and book quickly with ease on Bookwell.