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Eyebrow Threading in Gold Coast

Have you tried eyebrow threading yet? It's amazing. In fact, it's one of the very best methods for achieving the perfect brow.

This ancient technique, which originates from the East, is amazing to watch. Using two interwoven pieces of thread, the technician skilfully removes hair, both individually and by the line. It is this accuracy that makes it so brilliant for brows.

Better for Sensitive Skin

Threading is only used to remove facial hair for obvious reasons. It is a great alternative for those with sensitive skin who can't tolerate hot wax or tweezers. It is far better for that delicate skin around the eyes, or thin skin caused by acne treatments.

Eyebrow threading has always been popular in India and China, where women undergo the treatment every three weeks or so. Evidence suggests that threading lasts longer than wax, so it is very cost effective.

It is less painful than waxing and leaves very little redness, if any at all. It can also be used on the chin, upper lip, forehead and neck.

Helps with Anti Ageing

Often referred to as Indian Eyebrow Threading, this technique is used on men and women and is available on the Gold Coast. It's most likely your therapist will use antibacterial cotton, and will soothe the treated area with aloe vera gel afterwards.

Threading professionals say this treatment can help with anti-ageing, by boosting blood circulation and stimulating the production of collagen. This plumps out the skin and removes dark shadows, helping you look younger. It also removes very fine hairs, so that moisturisers and serums can more easily penetrate the skin.

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