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Threading in Gold Coast

Have you tried threading yet? The chances are, once you do you will be hooked. Threading on the Gold Coast is accessible, affordable and a great way of getting rid of unwanted facial hair.

Originating in Asia, threading is rapidly growing in popularity here in Australia, as a gentle yet effective way of removing hair. Threading can be safely used on the whole face and is particularly recommended for great looking eyebrows.

It's An Art Form

Threading is quite an art and it's magical to watch your therapist at work. A length of anti-bacterial thread is doubled over and twisted, before being rolled over the treatment area. The thread wraps around the hairs and pulls them quickly out of the follicle.

Both men and women find threading effective for eyebrow maintenance, as the method is very precise. It can remove both lines of hair and individual hairs.

Full face threading takes a while, so it's always best to book an appointment rather than just walking in. Bookwell is establishing an excellent directory of threading salons, so you can easily find one in your location.

No Chemicals or Hot Wax

Most regulars say threading isn't painful, although you may feel a slight pinching or pulling. It certainly couldn't be any more painful than waxing. With no chemicals or hot wax, threading is safe and has very few side effects.

Threading does not remove hair permanently, but you should find that it lasts longer than waxing. In countries where it is most popular, like India, women tend to book treatments every three weeks.

You may be left with some temporary redness after treatment, but your consultant will usually apply a soothing cream or gel for relief. Then you'll be on your way, knowing you look absolutely fabulous.

If you haven't tried threading yet, simply search for your locality on Bookwell and easily book online. We think you're going to love it.