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Laser Hair Removal in the Gold Coast

Who would have thought that zapping your hair follicles with light could produce such amazing results! Both IPL and Laser Hair Removal in the Gold Coast are growing in popularity as we seek better solutions to giving body hair the flick.

Both methods have been a long time in the making. Laser technology dates back to the 1960s and today's machines are extremely safe. IPL was originally invented to treat skin conditions but quickly proved itself as an effective way to remove hair.

New Technology

Laser Clinics are embracing new technology all the time. The machinery they use is much the same as IPL but uses single beams of light. Some people believe this produces better results. IPL Hair Removal uses multiple wavelengths of light and could be gentler on your skin.

Both technologies work by hitting the hair follicles with concentrated light. This destroys the hair growth cells for permanent hair reduction. Several sessions are needed as hair grows in different stages.

What To Expect

As with most hair removal techniques there is some pain involved. Most people describe it as tolerable. If necessary a numbing cream can be used. You will also experience some uncomfortable after effects. This is often described as feeling like sunburn. There may be some redness and swelling.

Your laser clinic will provide you with as much information and help as you need. There are some things you shouldn't do immediately before and after treatment and they will explain. Results vary according to your hair and skin type.

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Laser Hair Removal can be used all over your body, including Brazilian Laser Hair Removal. The thought of this may make your eyes water but it can't be any worse than waxing. How good would it be to never have to worry about your bikini line again?

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