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Nails in Sydney

Did you know that things like stress and lack of sleep can affect your nails? And so, too, can a lack of proper vitamins and minerals.

Manicures and nail polish can do a great cover-up job, but it may also be time to add a few more fruit and veggies to your diet. A hair, skin and nail supplement may also help.

It's also worth checking out our listed nail salons. Many of them offer nail repair treatments, and they can advise you about good nail care.

First Impressions

If your nails are cracked and broken, don't let it get you down - just get it fixed. Remember, appearance makes a huge difference when you're working, or attending job interviews.

Skilled nail technicians can do invisible repairs, using gels, acrylics and nail extensions. No-one will ever guess that underneath those strong, glossy talons are the results of years of nail-biting!

Really popular in Sydney right now is the Signature Nail System or SNS. If your nails are weak or brittle, this is probably the best system to use.

Get The Claws Out

SNS works by applying a gel base and then repeatedly dipping the nail into powdered colour. There's no UV lamp, and no liquids or primers.

Whilst still creating strong, shiny, chip-resistant claws, SNS is thinner and very natural looking. And thanks to a protective top coat of calcium and other vitamins, it will also improve nail health.

As you would expect, Sydney is home to some of Australia's most skilled nail technicians and salons. And with easy access to the highly rated Sydney International Spa and Beauty Expo, there's no shortage of great ideas and new techniques.

Uniquely You

Nail art is incredibly big in the city, and these can range from simple appliqués to the most intricate, hand painted designs.

If you are seeking something very unique and personal, have a browse through BookWell and find a salon that specialises. And remember to leave plenty of time for the appointment if you choose a hand painted design.