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Shellac in Sydney

Who hasn't tried Shellac in Sydney? Isn't it the best nail product ever? When it was introduced in 2010 it was said to revolutionise the manicure and it certainly did that.

Suddenly we had this amazing product that went on like nail polish but offered the looks and durability of gel or acrylic nails. It was the perfect solution for the modern woman.

Strong and Shiny

Like a gel, Shellac has to be cured under a UV light. That makes it super strong and ensures it is completely dry before you leave the salon. It's virtually impossible to chip and stands up well to household chores or manual labour.

Shellac, which is a brand name, is not intended for use as an artificial nail. You can't use it to add length. It's more about the glossy finish and durability. It is also considered a healthier choice for your nails than acrylic.

Perfect for Tootsies

There's a huge range of colours to choose from, including special effects, so you can change your nails to suit your mood. The best Shellac in Sydney easily lasts two weeks or more. It's only your natural nail growth that prompts the need for a salon visit.

Shellac is perfect for both finger and toenails. In fact, it's the ideal choice for your tootsies because you can just forget about your feet, knowing they look great. Shellac stands up really well to sand and saltwater, making it a winner at the beach.

Safe and Affordable

The only thing that seems to concern some people is the use of a UV light to cure the polish. Research has been done and there is absolutely no proof that this is dangerous. You can always apply sunscreen to your hands or feet beforehand if you are concerned.

The best Shellac in Sydney is readily available by searching Bookwell so what are you waiting for? Give your nails their best ever makeover today.