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Eyebrow Extensions in Sydney

Life is too short to have bad brows. Thankfully, Sydney boasts a myriad of eyebrow extension specialists that will help you in the pursuit of the perfect arch. Brow-se through our directory to transform your eyebrows from forgettable to face-defining.

What are eyebrow extensions?

Just like hair extensions or eyelash extensions, eyebrow extensions involve gluing hair to your existing eyebrow hairs to your bare skin. They can help you fill in the bare spots in your eyebrow, or even change the shape

How does it work?

The technician will first clean and exfoliate your brows. A clean surface will make it easier for the extensions to grab on to.

Then, they will assess the best brow shape for your face. They will build the brow with the synthetics. In order for it to look natural, the technician will place it in varying sizes and degrees of thickness.

The process should take about half-hour to forty five minutes.

How long do they last?

They can last up to three weeks with the proper TLC. The hairs will fall out naturally so rest assured, no one but you will notice that they are gone.

In the first twenty-four hours, it’s important to keep your extensions dry to allow the glue to set properly. After that you are free to wash your face, and live your life. Be sure to use oil-free products because oil can weaken the adhesive.

Be careful when drying your face or changing clothes. You want to avoid ‘pulling’ the extensions.

Do not touch your eyebrows. It’s nice to check up on them but do not rub or play with your brows. This can loosen the glue. Keep your hands to yourself.

Sleep on your back or you will notice that one of your brows may not last as well as the other. Otherwise, invest in a silk pillowcase. The smooth texture means that there is less friction between extension and the pillowcase.

Are you ready for brows that wow? Book in with one of our eyebrow extension specialists in Sydney. Delevinge level unlocked.