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Hair Treatments in Sydney

Whilst it's tempting to try and save money on hair and beauty treatments by doing them at home, is it really worth the hassle? For starters, it's awkward and messy to do it yourself. Secondly, the products you pick off the shelf at the supermarket are unlikely to be the same quality as salon treatments.

Besides, isn't a treatment meant to be relaxing? It's a chance to take some time out, relax and be pampered. Booking out an hour or two for hair treatments in Sydney is one of the most relaxing things you can do.

Benefits of Head Massage

This is especially true if you choose a scalp treatment. We lavish a lot of time and money on our hair but often forget about the importance of a healthy scalp. Let's face it, a healthy scalp is the easiest way to get healthy shiny hair.

Getting a head massage offers so many great benefits. It's the best way to prevent dandruff and itching as it conditions the scalp. It also strengthens hair at the root and nourishes the hair shaft to promote growth and shine. Best of all, it totally relaxes you and gets rid of stress.

Deep Conditioning Treatments

Other great hair treatments in Sydney include hair conditioning and Keratin treatments. In-salon hair conditioning is very important as our hair is constantly subjected to 'stress'. Sun, wind, styling products, pollution, air-conditioning and more can cause damage.

Keratin treatments are fantastic if your hair is dry and frizzy. All those nasties mentioned above can damage the hair shaft and make it porous. That's when we get frizz. A keratin treatment will seal the hair shaft to keep out moisture and leave it super smooth and shiny.

Hair Straightening

If your hair is very curly, that's a bit different to frizz and you would probably be better to book in for a straightening treatment. This type of treatment must be done in-salon or you can risk damaging your hair.

If you have already damaged your poor locks through overuse of chemicals and heat styling, you might want to try a hair repair treatment. This very intense conditioning treatment delivers amazing results.

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