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Makeup In Sydney

Living in or around Sydney, you wouldn't be surprised to hear that there are many professional makeup artists and salons. What else would you expect from this stylish city, that hosts such amazing fashion and beauty events.

Events aside, it's great news for us mere mortals, who sometimes need some help knowing the difference between root stamping and stippling! Seriously, whatever happened to just slapping on a bit of lippy and mascara.

Make A Healthier Choice

There are so many great makeup products out there - and some not so great, especially if you have problem skin. So what should you use, and what should you avoid? That's where the professionals come in.

In days of old, women covered themselves in potentially lethal concoctions of lead, arsenic and goodness knows what else. Today, we have a choice between natural, botanical products, and those made using tried and tested manmade ingredients. Either way, it's a lot healthier and safer.

Learn From The Professionals

Learning how to apply these products is something else. If you've had a browse through Bookwell recently, you'll see we have quite a few makeup specialists. Some offer workshops, while others focus on personal, one-to-one consultations.

If you struggle with understanding which products to use, and how to use them, you would certainly benefit from a consultation. And if you're planning a special event, and want to look totally stunning, consider booking professional makeup.

Click And Book With Bookwell

On a day-to-day basis, most of us make do with a bit of foundation, blusher, lipstick and mascara. But are we really exploiting our natural beauty? Probably not. It's easy to get stuck in a rut, and just keep on using the same old products. Literally!

Did you know that using out-of-date makeup can damage your skin? At the very least, it could leave you with a nasty crop of spots. So why not chuck them out, and make an appointment to discover a new you, with one of our amazing makeup experts.