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Male Waxing in Sydney

In a city like Sydney, where almost everywhere you look, and every corner you take there’s another exceptionally groomed male stalking the streets, it’s important to keep up your standards of personal grooming.

No longer reserved for the male models and body builders of the world, male waxing has become part of many a regular guy’s grooming routine. It's quick, gives great results and lasts a whole lot longer than shaving.

If male waxing interests you, Bookwell has a professionally curated directory of some of Sydney’s best male waxers, boasting top skills and expertise in this unique field of manly beauty.

Here are some of the services offered within the wide world of male waxing:

  • Chest waxing
  • Nostril waxing
  • Eyebrow waxing
  • Neck waxing
  • Back waxing
  • Arm, underarm and leg waxing

And that’s just to name the most popular services. We haven’t even mentioned intimate waxing yet! Yep, bikini and Brazilian waxing can be totally tailored to men, too. Just remember to let your waxing therapist know exactly how much hair you want to be removed down there, or you might come away looking more newborn baby than well-groomed grown up. Cheeky tip - removing hair down there can actually create the illusion of a bigger package.

In addition to the obvious aesthetic appeal, such as boosted muscle definition and silky smooth skin, male waxing is actually a far superior method of hair removal than shaving.

Why? Results last longer, hair grows back slower, and you’re less likely to encounter lumps, bumps and nasty ingrown hairs. Nobody’s got time for that. You can ditch the disposable razor and forget the five o’clock shadow, because waxing is where it’s at.

To book your next male waxing appointment in Sydney, with one of the city’s top male waxing specialists, look no further than Bookwell. We’ve got all of your hair removal needs covered, from head to toe.