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Our lives in Sydney are busy. There’s so much to do from shopping in trendy Mosman to exploring arty Alexandria. It’s important to take some time to yourself to relax and unwind. We couldn’t think of a better way to do this than a spa bath; there is something endlessly comforting about warm water and pressured jets.

We’ve decided to make the process even more relaxing for you: look through our list for the best spa baths in Sydney. A warm and relaxing experience is only a click away. Here are some irresistible benefits of the spa bath, just in case you need to be convinced:

It’s the ultimate in relaxation. Water therapy has been around since the Ancient Romans. Warm water slows down the activity of your internal organs, and it is the perfect to soothe and relax your tired body.

It relieves stress. Work hard, play hard. In this Instagram generation, we’re trying to have it all. A spa bath can help improve stress-driven high blood pressure. The warm temperature relaxes your blood vessels, encouraging the free circulation of blood. It also releases endorphins.

It is good for detoxification. We’re all guilty of those late nights/ early mornings. The heat from the spa bath can open up your pores. It draws blood to the surface and facilitates the release of toxins. It’s the perfect way to cure your hangover.

It improves sleep. The warm temperature helps raise your internal body temperature. When you exit the spa, your body naturally returns to its natural temperature. This gentle transition improves sleep.

It eases aches and pains The buoyancy creates by the water jets helps to ease the pain. It makes us feel weightless, increasing our blood circulation and relaxing the tightness in our muscles. The inflammation in your body will reduce. You can also use the jets to target a specific area of your body for a quick massage.

Make yourself feel spa-cial. Book in for a spa bath in Sydney with Bookwell today.