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Hair Colouring in Sydney

Sydney has the perfect mixture of beaches and fashion. Whether you're spending the day swimming at Bondi Beach or shopping at Mosman, your hair colour should match your versatile and trendy lifestyle. It’s one of the first things that people notice about you, and it can help to define your identity. That is why we have compiled a list of Sydney’s best hair salons to help you unlock your full potential.

There are so many different ways that you can colour your hair:


  • If you’re looking for a soft and subtle change, go for babylights. They are a great way to lighten your locks without completely changing your colour. The highlighted sections are very fine, and the placement is not uniform to mimick the natural highlights you once had as a child. It also adds dimension to your hair.


  • This technique loosely translates to hair-painting from French. Your stylist will paint your hair with colour. This leads to thicker, less symmetrical highlights for a casual, beachy finish. You can use this with any hair lengths although we love it with hair that sits below the shoulders.

Colour Melting

  • If you want Pinterest-worthy unicorn hair, ask your colourist for color-melting. This is perfect for when you want to experiment with different colours. It blends your highlights with the base colour of your hair, using multiple shades to get that ‘melted’ effect. This makes it look like the flowing colour happened naturally whether you’re playing with blonde or turquoise or pink.


  • This is perfect if you’re low maintenance, but you still want a hair colour that is soft and fashionable. This is ombre’s subtler sister. Instead of having a sharp dark-to-light fade, sombre weaves ribbons of dark colour through the hair to make the transition more gradual. There is no need for constant trips to the salon: you simply won’t notice the regrowth.

You know what they say: first in, best tressed. Make an appointment with one of our hair salons in Sydney today.