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Face Treatments in Sydney

If you’re living in, working in or visiting Sydney, then you’ll know that it’s a city with many faces. Beautiful beaches, botanical gardens, iconic buildings and a foodie’s delight. Sydney life can be one constant hop, from one place to another. Which is amazing, but how about stopping for some you-time once in awhile?

Our super Sydney salons are just waiting to pamper you with some facial treatments. Totally zone out with a luxurious aromatherapy facial. You’ll get to relax back, listen to soothing music and take in the gorgeous aromatherapy oil smells. Your skin will be cleansed, exfoliated, massaged and moisturised. You’ll leave feeling on top of the world, with skin to match.

Or maybe you have a special event soon? A wedding, a big birthday party or an anniversary do. Book in for a professional makeup session and feel like a Queen for the evening. If there’s a few of you, book in for a group session, and don’t forget the bubbles. Or book all of you in for a makeup tutorial, so you learn the skills to apply your makeup perfectly every day!

Sometimes, we need that little bit extra. Our salons have trained professionals, experts in facial treatments such as IPL skin rejuvenation, microdermabrasion and skin peels. So if you have pigmentation problems, fine lines or wrinkles that bother you, then our salons are waiting to help. They all keep up to date with all the latest products and techniques so you’re guaranteed the best. Some even offer cosmetic injectables; collagen dermal fillers for plumping up the skin and Botox for filling in deep wrinkles. They’ll talk you through each treatment and what you can expect so you’ll never be in the dark.

Whatever treatment you decide to have, our salons won’t let you down. So, ladies and gents, book your face treatment in Sydney today!