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Eyebrow Waxing in Sydney

Eyebrows are probably our most talked about physical feature - and not just for women. Obtaining the perfect brow is important to a lot of men, too.

Male grooming is not only accepted, but also expected these days. For a while there, men would never admit to getting waxed or booking manicures. It was considered unmanly. Then they realised that a little bit of grooming could take them a long way with the ladies!

Male Grooming

In truth, men have been just as interested in personal grooming as women for hundreds of years. In Ancient Egypt, both sexes removed hair and used makeup to highlight their features. Throughout the centuries men have plucked, waxed and shaved but it's really only gone mainstream in the last few years.

Luckily eyebrow waxing in Sydney is available for men and women. So quick and easy, it can become part of anybody's beauty regime.

Tame Those Brows

Waxing is one of the best ways of defining your brows and it's far better to have it done professionally. Home waxing is messy and you can easily end up with lopsided brows.

The best eyebrow waxing technicians can quickly turn unruly brows into perfected manicured features. Generally the wax is only applied below and between the brows, to maintain your natural arch. There is very little discomfort, just a little heat and maybe some temporary redness afterwards.

For Him and Her

Eyebrow waxing is best done every three to four weeks. Tidy up between sessions with the tweezers, but don't be tempted to attack the main body of hair. By leaving it to the professionals, you'll be amazed how much better you look.

To find the best eyebrow waxing near you for him and her, tap your locality into Bookwell and let us do the work. Booking online is easy. We'll have you both looking stunning in no time at all.