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Body Scrub in Sydney

If your idea of a body scrub is a quick rub down with a shop-bought product at home one a year, read on; we're about to change your mind! When you discover the many benefits of a regular body scrub in Sydney you'll be blown away.

We all know that a scrub or body polish is a great way of removing dead skin and dirt but it can do a lot more besides. Even if you shower twice a day you'll never truly remove all the dirt and sweat just by washing. Products such as sunscreen build up on our skin and clog the pores. That stops moisture getting in which leads to dry flaky skin. Dead skin cells give our skin a dull flaky appearance.

Regular Body Scrub

Booking a regular body scrub in Sydney will ensure your skin cells are constantly renewing themselves for a more youthful appearance. It will also smooth those stubborn areas like heels, knees and elbows.

If your skin tends to be oily a regular body exfoliation will help reduce breakouts on your back. It will minimise the appearance of not only large pores but also age spots. For those who shave their legs, it will help prevent ingrown hairs and make hair removal easier. Your moisturiser will be able to penetrate deeper, too.

Alleviate Stress and Anxiety

Those are the physical benefits of getting a regular body scrub in Sydney but what about the therapeutic benefits? Similar to a massage a body scrub helps alleviate stress and anxiety, boost circulation and your immune system, and improve your sleep.

As a spa treatment, it's unbeatable for value and results. Treatments can usually be tailor-made to suit the client so you can include a massage, wrap or intense moisture treatment if you wish.

If you would like your skin to glow with good health all year round, and feel soft and supple to the touch, the Bookwell team definitely recommends booking a body scrub in Sydney soon.