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Eye Treatments in Sydney

With its beautiful beaches, Sydney is overflowing with glitzy views and self-confidence. There is always something happening, so we understand the importance of looking flawless 24/7. However, we’re so busy getting our lashes on fleek that we forget about the most delicate region of our face – the under eye.

A barometer of our late night or early mornings, this sensitive area can show signs of tiredness, puffiness or dark circles. Cue: the under eye treatment. At Bookwell, we’ve got your back. One of our beauty therapists will be able to send those eye bags packing through a wide range of eye treatments.

Try a hydrating treatment. The therapist will apply a restorative serum around your eye area. It boasts peptides, proteins and vitamin to boost cellular vitality and restore firmness in the eye contour area. Look for something that promotes collagen – this helps you retain that youthful look.

A gentle microfoliation of the eye area can also help to remove dead skin. This helps prep the eye area to better absorb the treatment’s benefits. The treatment should promote circulation, as well as break down any excess fluids in the delicate eye area. This helps to reduce the appearance of eye bags and dark circles a.k.a. twelve hours of sleep jammed packed into one pampering session.

Another way to nix those pesky bags is derma-rolling. This boosts collagen production by a dermaroller across your face. This basically involves micro-needling your skin (it is less painful than ti sounds), which puts collagen production into over drive. This literally thickens your skin. Another bonus is that it helps to push whatever hydrating, plumping or anti-aging formula into your skin with a 90% more absorption rate compared to if you were just using your fingers.

At Bookwell, we want you to look good and feel even better. Book an eye treatment with one of our beauty therapists today.