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Microblading in Sydney

Brows, brows, brows, we're obsessed with them. Pretty much since time began we have given them our full attention. From extreme plucking to wickedly wild, we've gone through every trend.

One of the newest eyebrow trends is Microblading and Sydney is lucky enough to have some really talented practitioners. This amazing treatment is perfect for those with thinning or light eyebrows, and those who have taken plucking to extremes in the past.

Origins of Microblading

Before you ask, yes, microblading in Sydney is similar to cosmetic tattooing. Having said that, there are also some pretty big differences. Originally developed in Asia, microblading was used to help those who had lost their eyebrows through cancer treatment, illness and genetics. It wasn't long until its cosmetic use was embraced.

Microblading and cosmetic tattooing use very different tools. As a result, the colour doesn't penetrate as deeply, making microblading a semi-permanent makeup. Cosmetic tattooing is more permanent but can look unnatural if not done correctly.

The beauty of microblading in Sydney is that the technique involves drawing on eyebrow hairs individually. This is quite time-consuming but creates a far more natural look.

Booking a Consultation

When you book an appointment through Bookwell the consultant will first discuss a few crucial issues. It's important he or she understands what look you are trying to achieve. They also need to know about your health and medical history. This is because microblading is not suitable for everyone.

The next stage is to draw on the hairs with a special pencil so you can see what it will look like. This is the time to speak up if you don't like it or want it done differently.

Once everyone is happy, the real application begins. This can take quite a while so leave plenty of time for your appointment. You should experience no pain and little discomfort, and there are unlikely to be side effects. Once healed, microblading in Sydney will give you your best brows ever!