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False Eyelashes in Sydney

Have you heard the one about false eyelashes making all your natural lashes fall out? Or how painful they are to apply and wear? Those are myths that need to be busted here and now. The truth of the matter is that false eyelashes in Sydney are a safe and effective way of adding some instant glam.

It's true that falsies have had an interesting past. Go back a few hundred years and they probably were painful and possibly quite dangerous. But that was when they were implanting human hair into their eyelids with needles!

Busting the Myths

These days, so long as you obtain your false eyelashes from a good quality salon, there's absolutely nothing to worry about.

Let's get back to those myths. For starters, your eyelashes fall out naturally. It's the same for all the hairs on our bodies. Human hair has a life cycle; hairs grow and then fall out as the new hairs emerge.

Long Luscious Lashes

False eyelashes in Sydney are stuck onto your eyelid; they do not interfere with your own lashes. They are a temporary method for creating long luscious lashes and can be easily removed without harming your own lashes.

Applied properly using professional glue false eyelashes are not painful. The only time pain could possibly be an issue is if you use a dodgy imported product and have a reaction to the glue. The false eyelashes used by salons are hypoallergenic and safe.

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Remember, false eyelashes are quite different to eyelash extensions. They are a temporary fix, perfect for that big night out or your wedding day. If you want the look to last longer you might be better with eyelash extensions.

As with all lash and brow treatments we recommend you book in with a professional salon where they specialise in false eyelashes, eyelash extensions, brow and lash tints and so on. That way you can be sure of getting expert service using safe products.