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Eyelash Lift in Sydney

Getting an eyelash lift in Sydney is easy because you have so many amazing beauty salons and spas on your doorstep. But be sure to make a booking on Bookwell, because everyone is getting it done.

An eyelash lift is very similar to an eyelash perm. The latter uses tiny clips or 'rollers' to curl your lashes whilst an eyelash lift 'lifts' your lashes from the base.

Pain-free and Relaxing

Getting an eyelash lift in Sydney is painless, affordable and actually quite relaxing; apparently, some clients fall asleep whilst it's being done. Once you're comfortable your beauty consultant will put in place silicon pads to hold your lashes and then apply the lifting solution. It takes a little while to work.

Once the solution is removed you can choose to have an eyelash tint. This really does add something to your new look and allows you to go without mascara if you wish.

Natural Glamour

What you end up with is longer looking darker lashes that sweep upwards to really open up your eyes. It's one of those treatments that makes a noticeable difference to your appearance but still looks natural.

One of the many great things about an eyelash lift in Sydney is that it works beautifully on your natural lashes without causing damage or affecting the normal growth cycle. It doesn't matter what type of lashes you have, you're sure to be a candidate for getting it done.

Look Younger

Here's the weird thing - and we mean weird in a good way; because a lash lift opens up your eyes you appear more awake and younger-looking. So it's a bit like a pain-free affordable anti-ageing treatment.

An eyelash lift in Sydney is particularly good for those who hit the gym or the pool regularly. You'll step out looking fabulous without having to do a thing. Why not consider getting an eyeliner tattoo as well, for the complete glamour makeover?