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Mole Removal in Sydney

If you are considering mole removal in Sydney there are a few things you should know. Most importantly, this is a medical procedure that should only be carried out by a skin specialist. Trying to do it yourself at home is definitely not recommended.

It is also worth noting that non-cancerous moles do not have to be removed - it comes down to personal choice. Some people wrongly believe that all moles are cancerous and have to be surgically removed. Most moles are completely benign but, if you're unsure, you need to have them checked by a professional.

Various Methods

Surgery is only chosen if a mole is deeply rooted in your skin or considered a risk. This is generally done using a local anaesthetic and stitches will be required.

More often than not, you will be offered a choice of removal by laser therapy, radio frequency or liquid nitrogen. All three methods are very safe, fast and effective.

Radio Frequency is great for raised moles. Again a local anaesthetic is given and the mole is 'shaved' off layer by layer using a radiosurgery electrode loop. This method cauterises the skin as it goes so there's no need for stitches. In most cases, you walk out of the surgery with just a Band-Aid.

Quick Fix

Laser Mole Removal is again very straightforward with little discomfort. The procedure takes 15 to 20 minutes and no stitches are required. A local anaesthetic is used and scarring is minimal.

Moles that are non-cancerous and not deep can also be removed using liquid nitrogen. This is an outpatient procedure which will leave you with a small scab that will eventually drop off.

If your moles start to change shape, itch or bleed its imperative that you get them checked immediately. A skin specialist would rather be sure and, if it requires removal, the sooner the better.