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Face Mask in Sydney

Would it surprise you to know that face masks are the second most popular spa treatment after massage? An integral part of most facials, a face mask can make you look younger and fresher in just half an hour or so.

Natural face masks have been used for centuries for all sorts of reasons - including some that seem quite shocking today. Ceruse is one such example, a mixture of white lead and vinegar used to bleach the skin.

Moisture and Nutrients

Modern face masks are much healthier and safer. They can be used to target specific skin conditions, such as acne or pigmentation, or to replenish lost moisture and nutrients.

Clay and mud have been used in face masks throughout time. They are particularly good at drawing out dirt and toxins, to leave skin super clean and smooth. Mineral mud has the advantage of giving your skin a great nutritional boost, too.

Skin Type

Your choice of face mask will also depend on your skin type. Clay is a great choice for oily skin, as it soaks up excess grease. A dry skin will need something more soothing, such as honey or avocado. A combination skin can be a challenge but a good salon will be able to advise you.

Face masks are most effective when combined with a complete facial. This may include a steam treatment to open and cleanse the pores, oxygen therapy, herbal extracts, and collagen. Most facials also include some form of relaxing massage.

Time For You

Salon treatments are as much about the experience as the treatment itself. Booking in for a face mask forces you to take time out and focus on yourself for a while. It's an opportunity to relax with your eyes closed and just breathe.

The bonus is that your skin will look fabulous, and you'll have a natural glow for days to come.