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Acrylic Nails in Sydney

Are you a Sydney city slicker? Always on the go and love to look your best? Chances are a visit to a manicurist is a regular occurrence for you. Did you know you can find all your nail services - including acrylic nails - right here on Bookwell?

It's so easy to find what you want and then book instantly online. Whether you like to get your nails done in your lunch-break, or on your day off, we list salons in every suburb.

Great Looking Nails

Acrylic nails are a great choice if you want great looking nails every day. Wake up in the morning and it's one less thing to worry about, as you know your hands look gorgeous.

Acrylic nails are probably the most common choice for artificial nails, especially if you need to add length. Once your nails have been prepared, your manicurist attaches the nail extension, before adding layers of gel and powder to build up the look.

Extra Long Talons

Sounds easy, right? If you're like us, and can't even apply nail polish without getting it everywhere, don't even attempt to do your own acrylic nails! It's definitely a skill, which is why nail technicians are trained.

Always explain what you're after, with regards to length and finish. It may be that your nails are long enough, and you just want the acrylic applied to add strength and shine. Or perhaps you're heading out for the night, and fancy sporting some extra long talons!

Find A Salon Near You

Acrylic nails can be filed into whatever shape you want and decorated with polish, glitter or nail art. Let your imagination run riot!

Your acrylic nails will grow out as your nails grow so to maintain the look you will need refills. Once you've built up a relationship with your manicurist, they will be able to advise on how often a visit is required.

Check out acrylic nails on Bookwell and find a salon near you.