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Nail Art in Sydney

It's no surprise that some of the best nail artists in Australia can be found in Sydney. It really is an art form, ranging from simple geometric designs to the most intricate hand-painted designs and digital prints.

Nail art is not new - evidence suggests the Incas invented it in the 1430s. It was also very popular in England in the 1930s, when miniature hand-painted landscapes were all the rage. However, it is only really in the last few years that it has become a trend.

Styles and Techniques

It is also far more accessible to people now, with more and more salons offering this great service.

Nail art in Sydney incorporates many different techniques and materials, from stickers and taping to elaborate 3D designs using gemstones. The artwork can be applied to your own nails, or to fakes. The benefit of using fake nails is that they can be pierced to take nail jewellery.

If your lifestyle makes a 3D design impractical, don't worry. Colour designs can be just as striking, such as Water Marble. By using different nail polishes and water, the artist can create the most magical swirls of colour.

Another method, known as Aquarium nail art, creates an effect that looks like glass, with a three dimensional picture. It's best to use fake nails for this effect.

Candy Nails

Sugar Effect nail art is another popular choice in Sydney. It combines white nail art gel with coloured acrylic powders for a candy nails effect. It can be used across the whole nail, or to make nail ornaments.

Choosing a salon depends on the type of nail art you desire. Most offer a basic nail art service. However, for really intricate designs and techniques, you will need an experienced nail artist.

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